About MyLab Methods


Full-flavored Extracts

Our proprietary methods were developed by a Ph.D. chemist to focus on producing unique, full-flavored extracts that truly are representative of the starting strain. Through our proprietary process, we can achieve this by employing low-toxicity liquid solvents in a closed-looped system to isolate, filter and refine full-spectrum hemp oil that is rich in terpenes and high in cannabinoids.

We also add strain-specific, steam-distilled hemp terpenes back to all cartridge oil, which elevates the flavor and experience of each batch.

Medicinal-Grade Hemp Extracts

MyLab produces custom medicinal-grade hemp extracts for cultivators, hemp-infused product manufacturers, and companies that do not have the capacity or ability to produce their own concentrates.‚Äč Utilizing our proprietary techniques in a safe and controlled setting, we deliver the most consistent, high-quality hemp extracts available on today’s market. 

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For full inventory and prices please contact@myLabUSA.com or call 1-833-HEMP-247