How to Become a Cybersecurity Specialist in 2023

Despite all the advantages of technology, there are dark sides to it. Learn how to become a cybersecurity specialist and help keep the digital space safe. Security+ is a CompTIA certification that is considered a basic cert among cybersecurity professionals. One of the primary responsibilities of a cybersecurity specialist is to keep tabs on the systems employed by their organization and report any issues to management. They are also responsible for anticipating future threats and advising on how to deal with them. Payscale reports an average annual cybersecurity salary of around $92,000, and these wages typically increase with experience.


The median salary for a cybersecurity professional depends on the position. For example, information security analysts earn a median salary of $103,590 per year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Meanwhile, CISOs earn a median salary of $229,010, according to com. Salaries are significantly higher in certain cities, such as San Francisco and New York.

How long does it take to get a degree in cybersecurity?

It has hired additional professionals to protect itself and its users’ data. Your education and experience will help to prepare you for this role. Penetration testers, compliance analysts, threat intel analysts, cybersecurity engineers, and many other cyber job titles see higher demand now than they ever have. And even despite a COVID-19 economic downturn, there’s no slowing down in sight. If you enjoy problem-solving, working with various networks, and mastering the latest technology, becoming a security specialist may not be hard.

As a result, employees dedicated full security specialist to cybersecurity have gone from being a luxury to a necessity. At a minimum, you should hold a bachelor’s degree to enter this position, though you will need more education or a lot of experience to move into a management position.

Why is there an Increased Demand for Cybersecurity Specialists?

As a cyber security specialist, you will add new software to security files, perform security tests on data processing systems and keep virus protection systems up to date. You may train workers on security procedures to maintain system security. Another aspect of your job will entail keeping system users informed as to changes in programming and instances of security violation. A bachelor’s degree program will include classes such as advanced computer security and advanced operating systems. Additionally, it might include studies in programming, principles of software engineering, criminal justice, mathematics, technical writing, computer forensics and network security. PenTest+ is for intermediate level cybersecurity professionals who are tasked with penetration testing to manage vulnerabilities on a network.

  • One of the top online resources for cybersecurity job seekers and those interested in pursuing a career in information security is
  • You should choose which area of this field you want to focus on the most as you are choosing which positions you want to apply for.
  • In the long run, cybersecurity measures end up saving businesses time and money — especially since a security vulnerability could lead to outages that could cost a fortune in lost business.
  • A computer forensics analyst can also be called an information security crime investigator.


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